SonoTech Enterprises is one of Louisiana’s most respected mobile ultrasound imaging firms. With a history of service dating back more than 20 years, and armed with new state-of-the-art 3D equipment, SonoTech’s registered and certified sonographers allow physicians to offer their patients maximum convenience in the familiar surroundings of their office. Our goal is to increase patient satisfaction by treating each individual with dignity, compassion and respect.

For physicians, the benefits are many. You have the security of knowing that all tests are reviewed by board-certified cardiologists, neurologists and radiologists. Test results are returned to you within 24-48 hours. You can offer your patients the latest technology in ultrasound and diagnostic testing without the expense of purchasing imaging equipment, and the challenges of hiring, training and maintaining technical ultrasonography staff. Your practice experiences improved patient retention through in-office testing, reduced outside referrals and incremental follow-up visits. Importantly, on-site testing provides substantial supplemental income to offset rising costs and reduced reimbursements. And, regardless of facility size, SonoTech offers customizable solutions tailored to your individual needs.


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